Bob is a savvy investor who lives in Los Angeles, California but prefers investing in real estate in Atlanta, Georgia or Charlotte, North Carolina simply because they are cheaper and he gets more house for his money.

Investor Bob buys a property in Charlotte through Luvanex Realty. Bob realizes the property needs some minor repairs, paintwork and new carpet after closing so his file is passed on to Luvanex Home Repair. When the property is fully renovated at our renovation subsidiary, Bob’s file is passed onto Luvanex Rentals & Property Management to help find and place a qualified tenant. Alternatively, Bob may choose a more aggressive investment approach by furnishing up his property to use as a corporate rental/Airbnb vacation unit marketed and managed professionally by Luvanex Corporate Housing, as opposed to having one tenant who stays for 12months, under a fixed term lease.

A few months later, Bob’s best friend, Joe who is also a real estate investor gets stuck with a tenant from hell that hasn’t paid rent in 2months. Bob refers Joe to Luvanex Eviction Services who employs our services to file and remove the non-paying tenant from his property.

Alternatively, Bob and Joe in a partnership deal may choose to acquire one of Luvanex Holdings’ cheap & distressed properties in an intentional effort to renovate and flip it for a quick profit. They buy the property $20K below market value, spend $7K renovating subject property using the services of Luvanex Home Repair and then selling at a premium via Luvanex Realty or they choose to rent it out via Luvanex Rentals

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