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Welcome To Luvanex Realty Group

Our Story

Luvanex was created in February 2007 out of a passion and desire to help Real Estate Investors. Since inception, our service offerings have grown to touch on the most vital operations an average real estate investor will experience over the course of their investment career.

Our goal is to simplify these experiences, both pleasant and unpleasant (evictions) and ensure we get your investment properties income producing year-round.


Luvanex Realty

Explore our Foreign Investor Program which allows non resident investors put down 30% to purchase a house in the United States and obtaining a mortgage for a 7% interest rate.

Luvanex Home Repairs

An integral part of our service offerings where we offer turnkey renovation services on investor property acquisitions in need of cosmetic changes to make it rentable.

Luvanex Foundation

The foundation at Luvanex is our core passion where we build the Christian-Entrepreneurial Community, Career-Women and Intercessors; teaching them to embrace marketplace ministry.

Luvanex Holdings

Luvanex Holdings specializes in bailing out, home-owners who have problem properties. We also help families relocating to other states for employment reasons or those going through a divorce.

Luvanex Rentals

One of our core offerings where we place qualified tenants in the rental properties we acquire for our investors. We collect rents monthly and oversee management of properties and tenants.


To provide an exceptional level of service through expert-knowledge
of the industries we serve and of the cities we operate in



To become the preferred provider of turnkey solutions for real estate investors – both local and foreign

What We Do Our Services

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Tenant Placement / Property Management Service

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Luvanex Foundation

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Investment Home Acquisitions & Home Sales

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Investment Home Renovation Service

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Property Eviction

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Get a cash offer for your property

The ‘Luvanex’ Advantage

Our Commitment

Luvanex is committed to serving two unique sets of people:

We are passionate about identifying opportunities that our foreign investor clients can explore to become first time home owners in the United States whilst putting down a moderate down payment and obtaining bank financing. We are equally as passionate about transforming the lives of our hardworking tenancy-clients by giving them a chance at genuine home ownership through state funded down-payment assistance programs.

As Investors ourselves, we understand what it means and what it takes to purchase houses in hopes of building a sizeable networth over time, for your family or business.

Hence, we take special care in researching and selecting the best on market deals to present to our clients as viable investment options, crafting acceptable offers for each of these deals and protecting the interest of our clients each step of the property purchase process. IF buying your first home in the United States as a foreign investor, we walk you through the necessary modalities to preparing the property for tenancy in compliance with U.S Laws .. up until we hand keys over to your first tenant, till we receive the last rental income payment on your behalf as proof of a successful fixed term leasing experience – we are fully committed to help each investor we sign up reach their respective investment goals

Since 2009, Luvanex has catered exclusively to serving non resident investors from the following countries; Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan, Jamaica, Colombia, Switzerland, U.K, U.A.E and a few other countries not listed here. We pride ourselves in making the best decisions on behalf of these clients who entrust us with the privilege of building their real estate investment portfolios in Atlanta, Georgia or Charlotte North Carolina. We are guided by the foundational Christian values that shape the vision, ethics and belief system of our founding partner, Mr Damola Adelakun.

Send us a message to request a personal consultation, we welcome each opportunity to serve!


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